Homeowners, who hire a public adjuster receives over 700% more for major claims than those,
who handle insurance company on their own.

As a trusted storm damage expert, Benito Paul helps the insured adjust and settle claims for:

Expert Storm Damage Insurance Claim Service

Offering dedicated hurricane damage claims adjusting and storm claim consulting, Benito Paul – a reputed hurricane damage claim experts in Florida – is readily available to help you right after storm damage occurs. In the event of a storm, tornado, or hurricane that has wreaked havoc on your personal property, you can confidently bank on his consistent and precise storm damage insurance claim assessment that can help you get a more accurate and faster settlement.

Storm Damage On Commercial Property

Have you recently sustained commercial property damaged due to a storm?
Let your commercial storm damage assessed by the REAL storm damage expert!
Storm Damage is Different for Every Family and Business... We clearly understand this!

Accounting for over 35% of all claims filed by commercial and residential property owners in the U.S., storm, wind, lightning, and hail damage are one of the leading reasons behind claims filed in the country. Storm damage is quite common round the year and the estimated damage-related costs are in billions. According to a National and Oceanic Atmospheric Administration report, natural disasters amounted to $91 billion dollars in 2018 alone. 

Interestingly, not all storm damages are the result of major tornadoes and hurricanes. Strong thunderstorms, micro-bursts, and straight-line winds can also cause colossal property damage. Sadly, most people are not even aware of how to precisely file a claim for lighting damage or submit details of roofing insurance claims arising due to storm damage. This is where Benito comes in. As an established public adjusters for storm or hurricane damage claims, he can advocate for you to reclaim the money you need to restore, repair, or replace damaged elements of your property. As insurance company adjusters represent the best interest of the insurers, Benito represent the best interest of property owners, who have sustained losses due to storm damage.