Complex Fire Damage Claim

Are you aware of the steps that you need to take post-fire in a condominium? Reverting to your previous state post, a condo fire is not that simple. Chances are your unit alone may not sustain all the damage. When surrounding condos and the common areas are affected, multiple insurance policies may have to be dealt with. Fire damage claims are not as simple as they sound. There are various formalities which have to be looked into. Claim experts can help you go through these formalities in a much easier way.

You will get the following services from a public adjuster such as Benito Paul if you hire him right away:

Contact your insurance company for fire damage claims immediately

Benito will not waste time contacting your insurance company. Through proper inspection and assessment, he will not only fast-track the claims process but he’ll also be able to give a detailed account of how the fire outbreak happened and the magnitude of the damage that your condo and the adjacent units sustained.

Call Restoration Expert

As they say, leave it to the experts. As a seasoned public adjuster, Benito will know which restoration experts to call to get your damage restored as soon as possible. You’ll be recommended a restoration company that also has condo fire in its list of services.

Avoid DIY Repairs

During your consultation with Benito, he will discourage you from performing any repairs yourself. The damage would need to be assessed in its entirety. You will be instructed to leave everything untouched, including items that will never be used again.  

Record The Damage

Your insurer will require a written record of all the damage, and your public adjuster will do that on your behalf. Furniture and electronic items will be photographed, a loss inventory will be prepared, and receipts will be obtained.

One of the downsides of staying in a condominium is that a fire outbreak in a neighbouring unit or common area can easily cause damage as well. You can get the details of which insurance policy you need by talking to a claim expert, like Benito. You can settle your claim faster with the master insurance policy of your condo association or with your own personal policy. There is also the possibility of utilising both insurance policies. 

The ideal arrangement would be to have your association policy repair the foundational components of your damaged property. It would consist of walls, floors, bathroom fittings, etc., and yours would be used for upgrades and renovations. A public adjuster with extensive experience and expertise like Benito will strive to accomplish this. Handling a condo fire can become a complex process, so you should not hesitate to hire a public adjuster like Benito, who does the initial inspection free of charge.