Top Public Adjuster In Florida

Benito Paul is a Florida native who has worked in several parts of the state. As a leading claim consultant in Florida, Benito has settled claims from the Northern parts of Florida in the Panhandle, all the way down to the Keys. Benito has a strong background in this industry, mostly due to the fact that he is a licensed General Contractor and a licensed Roofing Contractor.

Benito Before Becoming a Public Adjuster In Florida

Benito started with a humble beginning in the construction industry as a laborer in 2008 and had developed the skills and received the education to earn his license and start his construction business in 2015. For the next few years, Benito worked and studied to acquire his state roofing license in 2020. As an established property damage adjuster and claim consultant in Florida, Benito possesses the knowledge and the skills to professionally represent claims and negotiate with the best insurers in the industry. While expanding his business to other states like Georgia, Benito intends on making strenuous efforts to maintain a work-life balance by building for his family and give them the best life possible.
Property Insurance Adjuster and Claim Consultant in Florida - Benito Paul

With almost 11 years’ experience in the industry, Benito Paul is not just an excellent property insurance adjuster in Florida, but he’s one of the most preferred claim consultants in Florida. Benito is a highly driven, self-motivated, hardworking and persistent when it comes to the claim process.

He has established himself by working as an independent public adjuster and has written over 1000 estimates for the top Public Adjusting Firms and Law Firms. Benito takes pride in his ability to negotiate by putting his clients’ needs first.

Benito is undeniably a hard worker, who will consistently fight for his clients to recover them the maximum amount to cover their damages. Benito has settled millions of dollars in claims for residential and commercial property owners. In addition, Benito have written estimates for over 600 claims since Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael.

Why Benito Paul

Unmatched Professionalism:

Benito Paul is not just another property damage adjuster in Florida. He offers highly professional, comprehensive insurance claim adjusting and consulting services that are hard find to find anywhere else in Florida.

Attention to Detail:

Benito Paul analyzes every claim meticulously to determine the right strategy and approach.

Real Property Damage Expert:

Benito Paul is your reliable property insurance claims adjuster in Florida. He possess the skills and expertise to recognize and assess different kinds of property damage to your home or commercial property, and accordingly file the claim with your insurer, so that you receive the best settlement.

Stress-Free Settlement:

Benito Paul is committed to smooth out the whole claims process for you – from filing the claim to getting you the settlement amount you deserve. Besides processing your claims in an organized and timely fashion, he (if needed) may negotiate with your insurer to settle the claim in your favor.

If you have recently sustained property damage and looking to file a claim with your insurance company, or your claim has been denied by your insurer, get in touch with Benito Paul today!